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Stretches on a Plane (or just about anywhere you’re stuck in a seat!)
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As I sit on a 4-hour flight, I’m reminded how sore I get when my body doesn’t move. My quads are killing me, my low back is aching, and my shoulders are hunched up to my ears. As much as I’d like to roll out a exercise mat and do some quick yoga, Pilates, or barre moves in the aisle, I’ve learned how to subtly stretch without annoying my seatmates. Here, five quick tips on how to get moving when you’re supposed to be sitting still.

Shoulder Rolls

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Roll Up to Get out of Bed!

Do you kick your legs forward to get your body up out of bed in the morning?

If so, that puts a lot of strain on your spine and could end up injuring you. Instead of kicking your legs forward to get your torso up, try practicing your Pilates Roll Up to get out of bed. You will strengthen your abdominals and keep your spine healthy and supple. To do the Roll Up, follow these instructions:

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Why Try Pilates?
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When I tell people I own a Pilates studio in Denver, they often say, "Pilates is like yoga with machines, right? What would it help me with?"

It's such a big question! My response varies depending on the person and the setting, but it always includes some variation of the following:

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