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Finding the Time
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We’re not going to lie: We’d love to see you in the studio for a yoga, barre, Pilates, or personal training session as often as possible. But…we also get that fitting in classes is tough. We have trouble finding time to work out too. Here are five of our favorite ways to get our bodies moving—even if we can’t fit in a full sweat session.

While you are…

…waiting for someone to call you back, stand up and do several roll downs to touch the ground and relax your shoulders and spine.

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Fitness Fact of Fiction: Nutrition and Supplements
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I get a lot of requests at the studio to sell supplements, promote diets, or connect with a nutritionist. I’m fairly wary of most of these. There are so many genetic and metabolic factors that impact an individual’s health that you really need your own degree to deal with that. And while I’ve gotten a lot of training—Pilates, yoga, barre, personal training, and CoreAlign—I’m not a dietician.

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Stretches on a Plane (or just about anywhere you’re stuck in a seat!)
Posted by : dana tags : Pilates, pilates classes, denver, capitol hill, colorado

As I sit on a 4-hour flight, I’m reminded how sore I get when my body doesn’t move. My quads are killing me, my low back is aching, and my shoulders are hunched up to my ears. As much as I’d like to roll out a exercise mat and do some quick yoga, Pilates, or barre moves in the aisle, I’ve learned how to subtly stretch without annoying my seatmates. Here, five quick tips on how to get moving when you’re supposed to be sitting still.

Shoulder Rolls

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5 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution
Posted by : dana tags : Pilates, denver, yoga, barre, capitol hill

The studio always has big rush in the beginning of January. Everyone is excited and motivated to start or keep up a Pilates, barre, and yoga routine—at least until life gets in the way of good intentions. So, how do you keep up a movement goal? Here are a few tips that I’ve seen from people who manage to stick to their regimen throughout the whole year.

Make it Manageable

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Self-care During the Holidays
Posted by : dana tags : Pilates, barre, yoga, denver, capitol hill

Everyone knows that holidays can be stressful. Although we love our family members, spending time in close quarters, preparing large meals, and buying the perfect gift can cause a lot of stress. That’s why it’s even more important for us to take care of ourselves so we can fully enjoy our family time. With that goal in mind, here are some great ways to take care of yourself during the holiday season:

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Whole Body for Winter Sports and…Cold Seasons in General

Fall is here and winter is coming! But whether you love or dread the colder seasons, Pilates and Yoga have your back—literally. And not just your back, but your knees, your hips, your ankles, your shoulders, your spine; pretty much every part of your body is covered by these movement disciplines. It's why we called ourselves Whole Body Studios: We address your whole body in every workout while nurturing your mind as well.

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Roll Up to Get out of Bed!

Do you kick your legs forward to get your body up out of bed in the morning?

If so, that puts a lot of strain on your spine and could end up injuring you. Instead of kicking your legs forward to get your torso up, try practicing your Pilates Roll Up to get out of bed. You will strengthen your abdominals and keep your spine healthy and supple. To do the Roll Up, follow these instructions:

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