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Why Try Pilates?
Posted by : dana tags : denver, pilates in denver, pilates classes

When I tell people I own a Pilates studio in Denver, they often say, "Pilates is like yoga with machines, right? What would it help me with?"

It's such a big question! My response varies depending on the person and the setting, but it always includes some variation of the following:

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How To Keep Fit During The Holidays
Posted by : dana tags : Pilates, denver, colorado, fitness, holidays, december, quick tips

Finding the time—and the energy—to keep up a fitness routine during the holidays is downright difficult. Here, five of my personal tips for keeping fit while being festive.

1. Squeeze It In: Even if you don’t have time for a full class, take three 15-minute breaks during your day to focus on core-supportive exercises, like quick roll-downs to lengthen your back and relax your shoulders. Even better, make time for one session at Whole Body Studios and I’ll send you away with some fast exercises to try at home (or incognito in your work cubicle).

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Falling in Love with Pilates (Again)
Posted by : dana tags : Pilates, recovery, health, wellness, fitness, self-care

I started taking Pilates many years ago, after my doctor recommended it to rehabilitate my body from injuries I'd sustained during a car accident. I didn’t love it at first. I was 19 and got referred to an instructor who could work with my auto insurance. He had long hair and was outside the small—already full—box of what my 19-year-old brain could handle, so I stopped going after a few sessions. Then, a few years later a friend told me to check out her friend's studio, and at 22, I fell in love with Pilates.

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