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Why Cross Training Is So Important
Posted by : dana tags : denver, colorado, barre, yoga, Pilates, classes

Most of my life involves movement. I teach it, I do it in the form of exercise, and I’m always trying to learn more about the science of it. Every day, I find myself in all types of movement-based positions. And each of the different movement types I practice—primarily Pilates, barre, and yoga—adds something that supports my body, whether I’m holding a plank or standing on my head.

One of my favorite quotes from Joseph Pilates is, “Pilates is for the unexpected.” The practice can help me in the expected ways by improving my strength, alignment, and posture. But it also helps me at unexpected times, such as when I slipped on some grapes on a grocery store floor but didn’t fall. Pilates has helped with my core strength, yoga has helped improve my balance, barre has improved my leg recruitment after hip surgery, and personal training has helped me be able to add a couple more grocery bags to my trip up the stairs at my apartment!

Each of these disciplines has added something positive to my everyday movement routine. That’s why my teachers and I will always encourage people to move in varied ways, and it’s one of the main reasons Whole Body Studios has transitioned from Pilates only to adding barre, yoga, and personal training. The more varied your practiced movements are, the more prepared you’ll be for that slippery sidewalk or those random grapes! So come by the studios and let us help you tailor a movement program that fits your specific needs.