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Whole Body for Winter Sports and…Cold Seasons in General

Fall is here and winter is coming! But whether you love or dread the colder seasons, Pilates and Yoga have your back—literally. And not just your back, but your knees, your hips, your ankles, your shoulders, your spine; pretty much every part of your body is covered by these movement disciplines. It's why we called ourselves Whole Body Studios: We address your whole body in every workout while nurturing your mind as well.

If you‘re looking forward to hitting the slopes, Pilates and Yoga will help you stay fit and injury free. By strengthening your core, stretching your hip flexors, and improving flexibility, you can enhance your skiing or snowboarding performance. (We also will soon offer a special ski and snowboarding conditioning Pilates class! See our website for details.) We’ll make sure you recruit the right muscles and twist from the right places to avoid straining your joints, especially your knees. We’ll show you how to warm up and, most importantly, how to stretch using proper alignment and core principles. I've been skiing and/or snowboarding for most of my life, and Pilates has made a difference. My back feels more supported with a stronger core, my knees feel good, and my overall body awareness has increased. It helps me take on the challenge of the steeper, more difficult runs.

If cold weather activities aren't your thing, coming to the studio regularly to move and stretch will help you get through the winter months more gracefully. By strengthening your ankles and enhancing your balance, you'll make sure an icy sidewalk won’t be an obstacle to getting outside in cold temperatures. We're also a great cure for cabin fever when you leave your winter cocoon to meet friends at the studio! And just as importantly, winter Pilates or yoga workouts will release tensions caused by a sedentary lifestyle, while Whole Body Barre classes are a fun way to move and groove on tasty jams and keep your spirit uplifted even when it’s dark outside!

So let’s say goodbye to summertime, embrace autumn, and say hello to a healthy “whole winter body.”