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How To Keep Fit During The Holidays
Posted by : dana tags : Pilates, denver, colorado, fitness, holidays, december, quick tips

Finding the time—and the energy—to keep up a fitness routine during the holidays is downright difficult. Here, five of my personal tips for keeping fit while being festive.

1. Squeeze It In: Even if you don’t have time for a full class, take three 15-minute breaks during your day to focus on core-supportive exercises, like quick roll-downs to lengthen your back and relax your shoulders. Even better, make time for one session at Whole Body Studios and I’ll send you away with some fast exercises to try at home (or incognito in your work cubicle).

2. Rethink Cardio: A cardio workout doesn’t mean you have to max out your lungs. During lunch—or en route to the printer—pick up your pace to slightly increase your heart rate. You’d be surprised how quickly you can piece together 30 minutes of gentle cardio. As a bonus, thanks to the gorgeous weather we’ve had lately, it is easy to go for a quick bike ride, run, or walk around the block; those activities are all still accessible.

3. Stretch It Out: The next time you are doing something repetitive—sitting in front of a computer, wrapping gifts, standing at a cocktail party—take note of what muscles feel tight or tired. At your next session, we can focus on that problem area. Perhaps your upper neck pain is connected to how your shoulders pull forward. Maybe some simple hip stretches will help strengthen your core. These are just small things, but together they can make you feel so much better.

4. Give Yourself A Break: It’s hard to fit it all in. My fitness business has the lowest numbers in December; it’s not just you. You can’t do everything, so choose what’s important. Make those things happen and be OK with letting some things go.

5. Just Focus: During the holidays—when we tend to spend more time in our cars on the way to stores and parties—I like to give my clients some quick breathing and stretching exercises to compensate. Come in for a session, and I’ll tell you more.