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Gift Guide: To Buy a Fitness Tracker…or Not
Posted by : dana tags : fitness trackers, pilates in denver, gift guide

You’ve heard the buzz. You’ve seen the bracelets. If you’re on the tracker bandwagon, you’ve already figured out that these little gadgets can help you keep up with your goals. But people have raised concerns about whether the counts are accurate. And…you’ve also probably seen friends abandon them as a fitness fad. So, are they worth it? We quizzed some clients who wear the gadgets faithfully for pointers.

Are they accurate? Sort of. One client has tracked her normal run several ways and says that the FitBit does a great job of accurately measuring the distance whether she’s running or walking. When it falters, not surprisingly, is when she’s pushing or carrying something (stroller, carts, bags) and her wrist doesn’t move as much.

Will it track my yoga, barre or Pilates session? Not really. The gadget will notice that you are moving, but won’t know what you are doing, how hard you are working, or how long you held that side plank (go you!). If you are counting calories or tracking fitness, log your workout in the tracker’s online program.

Will I get obsessed? Maybe. A friend jokes about how if she forgets to wear her FitBit, it is like her workout didn’t happen. At the end of the day, movement is what is important. You know what you’ve accomplished.


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