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Fitness Fact of Fiction: Nutrition and Supplements
Posted by : dana tags : denver, capitol hill, yoga, Pilates, barre, nutrition

I get a lot of requests at the studio to sell supplements, promote diets, or connect with a nutritionist. I’m fairly wary of most of these. There are so many genetic and metabolic factors that impact an individual’s health that you really need your own degree to deal with that. And while I’ve gotten a lot of training—Pilates, yoga, barre, personal training, and CoreAlign—I’m not a dietician.

Instead, I recommend that clients meet with one. In particular, I’ve sent people to Doctor Ethan Lazarus at the Clinical Nutrition Center in Greenwood Village. Here are some things to ask about:

- Do I need to decrease carbohydrate intake or calories overall?

- What can help increase my metabolism?

- Are medications impacting my metabolism?

- Will a high fiber diet reduce fat?

- How much water should I drink? (And can I drink alcohol?)

- What about sugar?

- Can I create a daily routine?

The short answer is this: Yes, they can help you figure out an equation for calorie intake and total energy expenditure that works for your body and lifestyle.