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Finding the Time
Posted by : dana tags : fitness tips, denver, capitol hill

We’re not going to lie: We’d love to see you in the studio for a yoga, barre, Pilates, or personal training session as often as possible. But…we also get that fitting in classes is tough. We have trouble finding time to work out too. Here are five of our favorite ways to get our bodies moving—even if we can’t fit in a full sweat session.

While you are…

…waiting for someone to call you back, stand up and do several roll downs to touch the ground and relax your shoulders and spine.

…cooking, strike a Warrior pose while you wait for something to simmer or before you set the table for breakfast.

…at work, set a timer to ring every hour to remind you to get up and walk around your office for two minutes. During a 40-hour workweek you can rack up more than an hour of movement.

…watching TV, hit the ground during commercials and hold a plank.

…parking, pick a spot in the back of the lot to rack up additional steps.