About Pilates

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Pilates isn’t just an exercise system to practice within the studio. It is a holistic movement system that you can apply to all aspects of your physical life. It can help you become more energetically efficient in everything you do, from sitting at a desk for work to competing in sports. It incorporates movement fundamentals that help improve movement habits, decrease pain, and reduce physical stress. Once these fundamental movement skills are mastered, more advanced Pilates classes provide a cardiovascular benefit, and grow to involve highly refined proprioceptive skills.

Pilates uses springs and machines to help you develop these skills and refine your body and movement. The use of the machines help guide the alignment, motion, and pace of your body, while still receiving the same bone-density benefits you get from lifting weights. The machines that Whole Body Pilates offers include the reformer, the tower system, the chair, various sizes of barrels, and the mat.

For a great read on the history of Pilates, look here: http://www.pilates.com/BBAPP/V/pilates/origins-of-pilates.html