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About Us

Whole Body Studios is located in Central Denver.  We are a street-level Pilates, barre, yoga, and personal training studio in the Cheesman Park neighborhood. We strive to create a place where clients feel welcome, supported, and strong. The Whole Body environment encourages wellness, healing, and community while teaching clients to move with greater ease. Whether you are new to Pilates, barre, or yoga or are an advanced practitioner, you can find a class and teacher who will focus on all your needs.  

We offer affordable classes and individualized instruction for everyone. Our instructors always focus on working out the “whole body” while being particularly careful not to over-extend our clients. Many of them come to us to help rehabilitate injuries, and our instructors are well versed in anatomy and the best ways to get their clients back on track. We also work closely with area doctors and physical therapists, both for referrals and consultations.

Our facilities include a Pilates equipment studio; a barre, yoga, and Pilates mat studio next door; and a fully equipped personal training studio on the lower level. We offer full yoga and personal training classes. Most of our instructors are certified in multiple disciplines, including barre, Pilates, yoga, personal training, and Core Align. 


When I was 19 years old, a drunk driver broadsided the car I was driving near Civic Center Park.  The accident changed everything about my life.  I suffered a severe closed head injury and damage to my spine. Instead of going to the university I was planning to attend, I started the journey of years of rehabilitation. 

During that process, I was introduced to Pilates. I soon realized its healing benefits and how much I wanted to share it with others. I started the training process to become a Pilates instructor and became so passionate about it that I ended up completing more far more hours than my Pilates certification required!

I began working for some of the top studios in Denver, spending several years learning from a variety of places and teachers, including an amazing mentor. I also found a job in a physical therapy office, where I taught Pilates techniques to people who wanted to supplement their PT exercises. I took any Pilates continuing education class I could afford and tried to acquire as many related skills as I could find, in areas such as anatomy, injury rehabilitation, and movement in general. I took teacher-training programs in barre, Core Align, and yoga to enhance my knowledge base, until I finally felt ready to open my own studio!

I started Whole Body Pilates in October, 2012. My original intention was to be a Pilates-only studio that would serve the client base I had nurtured over seven years of teaching in larger Pilates-specific studios and physical therapy offices around Denver. But as my business grew, I realized I wanted to provide a broader range of mind-body, wellness-centered activities. In 2014, we added barre, yoga, and personal training and changed our name to Whole Body Studios. 


It can be very difficult in Denver to find all the services Whole Body provides outside of a large gym environment. At Whole Body, we allow our clients to get to know their instructor, their classmates, and the community around them, in an intimate environment that fosters health, healing, community, and well-being. All our instructors are well trained in the best ways to keep clients focused on low-impact, safe movements, and all our instructors use the same principles, tailored to the teaching approach that they’re most comfortable using. 


Because the studio offers so many service types, our client base is quite varied, and we welcome all ages, genders, and skill levels! 


Whole Body Studios is committed to being a generous and productive member of our Cheesman Park/Capitol Hill neighborhood and of Denver in general. We run our business using sustainable energy practices as much as possible. We also renew our commitment to community every month by offering the proceeds from two weekly classes to a local charity, and we welcome your suggestions for charities to consider!